Noorgren is a startup helping companies with UX-optimised translation into Swedish and Danish.

Combining linguistic creativity with our knowledge of translation, customer service, user experience, and search engine optimisation, we create user-friendly localisation for apps, websites and content marketing.

Being characterised by naturally flowing language, our translations are engaging and easy to read.

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We can help you translate your:

  • Website
  • App
  • Marketing

With a focus on UX, our translations are straightforward and user-friendly, matching both local culture and formats.

By matching your tone of voice, we can ensure your content feels authentic, inclusive and consistent.

We’ll be happy to weave in any keywords of your choice to boost SEO.

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Noorgren was founded in 2022 by translator Märta Nilsson and is co-run by Anna Ring.

Do you need user-friendly translation? We’re only an email away:

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