London Pass Website

The London Pass website translated into Danish
Target: Danish
Client: Go City (UK)

A long-term project, translating The London Pass website into Danish included localising terminology, transcreating the new tagline, and translating the website copy, 90 attraction articles, email templates, and app interface.

To ensure consistency and avoid confusion with the Danish word "pas" (meaning passport), we decided to localise the product name "pass" to "adgangspas" (admission pass). We also localised the term "credit package" to "klippekort" (prepaid card) to avoid financial connotations.

We focused on transferring the friendly, adventure-inspiring tone of voice while aiming for clarity and readability in the website, FAQ and itineraries. During the review process, the checkout flow received extra attention to ensure a smooth experience for customers.

The result was an enjoyable and inspiring user experience for adventure-seeking Danes.
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