Go City App

The Explore tab in the Go City travel app translated into Danish
Target: Danish & Swedish
Client: Go City (UK)

The Go City app helps travellers plan trips and get access to attractions. Completing the task of translating the app interface from English to Swedish and English to Danish took us only a few days.

While the app imports all the attractions from the website (that we had already translated), we had to localise the user interface separately. That meant the main task was translating short strings that would help the user navigate the app, such as buttons, CTAs and short messages.

We focused on translating these strings in clear, plain language with a friendly tone to make the user experience as smooth as possible for Danish and Swedish travellers.

We aimed to match the number of characters in the English source as much as possible to prevent any upsetting of the layout. Using the Loco translation management system made the translation process easy and efficient.

We reviewed the finished app using Testflight and screen captures to ensure everything was as smooth and user-friendly as possible.
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