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Posted on May 31, 2023
by Märta Nilsson


Starting my own company to help startups expand

In 2022 I started my own company Noorgren to help startups with user-friendly translation into Swedish and Danish.

Research shows that customers prefer products, services and information in their native language. Companies follow suit, translating their services, websites and apps into multiple languages.

Scandinavia is one of the most digitally advanced regions in the world, making it good sense to translate into these languages.

With one foot in each country, I help startups on both sides of the border expand into the neighbouring country.

The link between communication and translation

Having worked in customer service, I know communication is one of the hardest things to do. Customers can misunderstand your meaning no matter how much you’ve tried to explain the workings of your service or product.

As someone who loves to try new apps and online services, I have seen countless examples of unnecessarily complicated user interfaces and copywriting – both in the English copy and the Swedish and Danish translations.

Ideally, the UI should provide a natural and smooth experience. But even if the English copy is perfect, the experience can get lost in translation. It all depends on how the translation is done and by whom.

Helping startups create a better world

My aim when starting Noorgren was and is to help startups and companies reach their full potential. There are so many great apps and websites out there that can improve everyday life. My focus is to ensure high-quality translations for services within:

  • Tourism: We live in a global and diverse community. Travelling gives us the opportunity to experience new places and cultures and understand each other better.
  • Classical music: Music makes the world a better place and needs to receive all the attention it can get. It’s also a life-long personal passion.
  • Sustainability: The increasing focus on circular economy and the green transition results in many ground-breaking ideas for a better environment.
  • Life science: Green chemistry, microbiology and biotechnical science will bring new solutions to today’s problems and make way for a better future within sustainability, health and other areas.
  • Health and fitness: There are countless possibilities to get better for people who struggle with physical and mental health.

Do you need a user-friendly translation in any of the categories above? You’ve come to the right place!

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